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When it comes to traditional Chinese food, dumplings are probably the first thing that comes to mind. Dumplings are indeed very delicious, and they also have a good reputation in China as "no better than dumplings". But there are many other traditional delicacies besides dumplings. Let's take a look!

Let's start~



Spring rolls, also known as spring cakes, spring dishes, pancakes. It is a traditional food for Chinese festivals. It is popular throughout China, especially in places such as Jiangnan. In the south of China, we don't eat dumplings but eat spring rolls and sesame dumplings during the Spring Festival.




Qingtuan is a traditional snack in Jiangnan area. It is mixed with wormwood juice into glutinous rice flour and then wrapped in bean paste or lotus paste.

Now in the shops, some of the qingtuans are made of wheat straw, some of them are made of green wormwood juice, some of them are made of other green vegetable juice and glutinous rice flour. The function of qingtuan as a sacrificial offering is fading away, and it is more and more used as a spring snack.




Soup stuffed bun is a traditional characteristic snack. The main ingredients are flour, warm water, pork belly and so on. It had been sold at the Northern Song market, at that time it was called grouted steamed buns or soup steamed buns. The Yangzhou bun is the most famous one.

A soup bun has soup in it.  The pastry is  very thin. You need to pay great attention to not let the soup leak, and in the meantime, baozi cant not stick to the drawer, these all depends on the skill of the master.




Mooncakes are one of the most famous traditional Chinese pastries. The mooncakes are round, and they are shared by families, symbolizing reunion and harmony. Ancient mooncakes were used as offerings at the Mid-Autumn festival.

Most of the mooncakes are kept at room temperature. Ice cream mooncakes need to be removed from the refrigerator for a while to be defrosted for better taste.




The ice-sugar gourd is a traditional Chinese snack. It is used to string wild fruits with bamboo sticks and dip them into maltose. It is a common snack in winter in the north. It is usually made with hawthorn.

The ice-sugar gourd is rich in vitamin C and has a digestive aid function. In addition, according to the production materials, there are the strawberry ice-sugar gourd, banana ice-sugar gourd, orange ice-sugar gourd and so on.




Tangyuan, one of the representatives of traditional Chinese snacks, is in the shape of a ball. It is made of glutinous rice flour and so on. It usually has some stuffing in it. It is also the most distinctive food for Lantern Festival.

It is said that tangtuan symbolizes family reunion. Eating tangyuan means family happiness and reunion in the New Year.


Are you hungry now? If there is an opportunity, you must taste every kind of the food above~


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